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Content Writing

Are You looking for Content Writing in India? Hi I am Gamala, I am not a company but a freelancer. And i am offering services in Haridwar, Rishikesh, Noida, Delhi, Punjab, Gujarat, Mumbai.

I am gamala. I have written content in various forms - audio programs, documentary narrations, destination description and information, grant information for NGOs, a number of blog articles on yoga and its benefits, website content for different travel and yoga related websites. You can trust me for your website content, blog articles and social media content. We can also discuss about other forms of writing job your company does. For example, product description, social media campaign, advertisement content etc.

I am mass communication graduate and hold four years (as of May 2020) long experience in online communication. You can hire me for online email communication and other forms of information compilation and dissemination.

Our Skills:

Grammar 95%
SEO Content 85%
Website Content 88%
Blog Content 75%

What are the fields we work on?

I am also a language translator (English to Nepali language). I fluently speak, read and write English, Hindi and Nepali. By heart, I am a traveler but now I have restrictions to it. I am a mother of three-year-old kid who needs my attention. So, traveling far like a bachelor is not possible for me. You can still trust me for short trips to your work station from where I can get back to home before 5 pm.

My personal goals are to work for women and children. This will specifically be in the form of building business opportunities for women and assisting children get better exposure to education and extracurricular activities. I dream of a world where equality is not a word associated with biasness but a term that justifies itself without any hurt or pain to anyone. Challenging the concepts that restrict people’s growth and exposure to opportunities is something I believe in. Social psychology interests me.

Please get in touch if you have any writing job or looking for someone who can do online communication on your behalf.

Services we provide:

Why choose us?

• We take every responsibility for your project and treat them as our own project so that nothing goes untouched.
• We are the best team of digital marketers in the business that is focused to take your business to the very next level.
• We know how to make the project look catchy and attractive to attract customers to your business.
• All the projects given to us are Search Engine Friendly.
• We offer high-quality and error-free services.
• We provide every project at the most affordable price that you cannot get anywhere else.
• We value time the most so that every project given to us is completed beforehand.
• We are available 24/7 at your service.

Please stay safe and healthy, this world is beautiful because you are a part of it.