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Content Writing

Do you need content writing services in India? I'm Gamala, and I work as a freelancer, not for a company. Additionally, I am providing my services in Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab, Rishikesh, Noida, and Haridwar.

Gamala here. I've produced content for a variety of websites that deal with travel and yoga, as well as audio programmes, documentary narrations, destination descriptions and information, grant information for NGOs, and a lot of blog posts on yoga and its advantages. For your website material, blog posts, and social media content, you can rely on me. We can also talk about the additional types of writing work your business does. For instance, a product description, a social media campaign, or the substance of an advertisement.

I studied mass communication, and as of May 2020, I have had four years of internet communication experience. For online email correspondence and other types of information gathering and dissemination, you can hire me.

Our Skills:

Grammar 95%
SEO Content 85%
Website Content 88%
Blog Content 75%

What are the fields we work on?

I also translate between languages (English to Nepali language). I speak, read, and write Hindi, Nepali, and English with ease. I love to travel, but there are limitations on it today. My three-year-old son needs my attention, and I am his mother. Therefore, I am unable to travel extensively like a bachelor. You can still rely on me to make quick journeys to your place of employment from there so that I can return home before 5:00 p.m.

My personal objectives are to support children and women. In particular, this will take the shape of creating entrepreneurial opportunities for women and helping kids receive more exposure to education and extracurricular activities. In my ideal society, equality would not be a concept that implies bias but rather one that justifies itself without causing harm to anyone. I think it's important to challenge ideas that limit people's prospects for advancement. Social psychology piques my attention.

If you need any writing help or are searching for someone to handle your internet communications, please get in contact.

Services we provide:

Why choose us?

• We assume full responsibility for your project and handle it as if it were our own to ensure that nothing is overlooked.
• As the top team of digital marketers in the industry, we are committed to helping your company reach new heights.
• We understand how to make the project appealing and catchy to draw clients to your company.
• Every project that has been assigned to us is search engine friendly.
• Our services are of the highest calibre and are flawless.
• You won't find a better deal anywhere else than what we charge for each assignment.
• Because we place a high emphasis on time, we always finish projects before the deadline.
• We are at your disposal around-the-clock.

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